E Car Club

Buckinghamshire Council is committed to tackling climate change. As part of its commitment to acting as an enabler of sustainable innovation, the Council is one of the first Local Authorities to support the trial of a pioneering car club in Summers Road, Burnham.

The electric car club will demonstrate the latest wireless charging technologies for Electric Vehicles. Instead of plugging a car into a standard charging pillar, there is an electrical induction charging pad set into the ground, avoiding trip hazard wiring and charge-points cluttering the car park and/or the street. With this new exciting innovative trial, the pad can only be activated when an electric car (installed with the specialised induction pad) parks over it.

Because existing electric cars do not have wireless charging, an adapted electric car will be made available for hire, so that residents can try it out and become familiar with how to charge it using the wireless induction pad.

The OSRIC car club is managed by hiyacar – Once you have signed up via the hiyacar app, you will be able to use your mobile phone to unlock the Renault Zoe in the Summers Road car park.