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Community Announcements

20th Dec – Buckinghamshire Council have announced that under the Tier 4 situation, all libraries will be closed from Monday 21st December until further notice. All current book loans are extended to the end of January and no fines will be charged. Further announcements will be made in due course.

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Age UK

Charity Shop
92 High Street
Burnham SL1 7JT

Black & White 360°

Telesales, Telemarketing, Market Research and Surveys

Childminder/ childcare

childminder childcare
Northborough Road
Slough SL2 1PS

Corless Creative

Bespoke Inspired Art

Hungry Pets

Pet Shop
95 High Street
Slough SL1 1DH

Colins Gardening Services

All kinds of Garden Maintenance

Phill Cragg

Football Coaching

B.H Dhariwal

62 Eastfield Road
Slough SL1 7PF

Decorating, Painting, Interior Design, Venetian Plastering

Decorating, Painting, Interior Design, Venetian Plastering
Slough SL2

F T Solutions Ltd

Business Consultants
69A High Street
Slough SL1 7JX

The Red Lion Public House

Public House
101 High Street
Slough SL1 7JZ

Pinnacle PSG

Innovative Management Solutions
93 High Street
Slough SL1 7JZ

Sovereign Carpets

Carpet Fitters
14 High Street
Slough SL1 7JH

Lynn Nails

Nail Shop
80 High Street
Slough SL1


Painting & Decorating
16 Harkness Road
Burnham SL1 7BL

Just Because Cakes

Cake Baking
61 Coalmans Way
Slough SL1 7NX

L.L. Potter & Sons

Sheet Metal Work
Maidenhead SL6 0ND

The Studio Hair Salon

Hair & Beauty Hairdresser
9 High Street
Slough SL1 7JB

Appleberry Care

Care Providers
5 Windsor Lane
Slough SL1 7HN

Parsons home and garden maintenance

Painting and decorating, home maintenance and garden services
Chiltern Road
Slough SL1

Tesco Express

Convenience Store
60 High Street
Slough SL1 7JX

Sue Steel – Books

Independent Usborne Organiser

Elite Landscapes Ltd

46 High Street
Slough SL1 7JX


Advertising Agency
Beachwood 44122

Maths & Economics Tutor

Tutor Economics/Maths

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