Keep it short and descriptive as it will appear on search results instead of the link description
Visitors can filter their search by the categories and amenities they want - so make sure you choose them wisely and include all the relevant ones
Leave this blank if the location is not important.
The first image will be shown on listing cards.
Feel free to change the text format to fit your needs.


If you’re unhappy with it, for any reason, just drop us an email and we’ll take care of you by updating your listing or removing you from the directory.

Support Local businesses

We are striving to make local small businesses more accessible to local people so please support local people and if you had anything less than a great experience then please let us know.

Can I remove my listing?

Yes, you can ask us to remove your listing at any time.

What information do you need to list me?

Listings are free for all local businesses, ideally tell us where you are, how to contact you, your website, social media links and if you have some pictures or logos then send them to us. Fill out the listing form with as much detail as possible to get a good listing.

Can I have a more prominent listing?

We may consider that in the future if there is demand but our goal is to make businesses easily accessible for local people.

Any other questions we can answer?

We are happy to help you. Contact us